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Azalea. 18. Somewhat nocturnal.
Studying the art and science of everything drug-related
at The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines

Currently growing out a pixie-cut.


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Reasons I grab my boobs

  • running upstairs
  • running downstairs
  • running
  • stoked on life
  • scared
  • walking through my house in the dark
  • bored
  • boobs

do girls really do this?

yes. yes they do. 

it’s the best

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I promise to update my tumblr…. 

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Before I start hospital internship. Ugh

Any form of intimacy will do… 

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I’m at a point of my life where the need of physical contact is at its most high - wat. Idk. With all the stress and work that I’m dealing right now, I just need an outlet. Gahddamnit.

Frustrated in every way….

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i just want to share something. i’m really in quite a pickle. i can feel it, it doesn’t involve me dying or anything, all i’m accounted for is that i have too much on my plate. idk, idk if i could handle the stress much longer or i’ll have to break the tether that binds me to it and live with the shame of giving it up. the most i can do right now is just to take that icy plunge and hold my breath as long as my lungs can hold. honestly, i can do much better.

1 1/2 years of usage and I still have half a pot left. #niveacreme

1 1/2 years of usage and I still have half a pot left. #niveacreme

Someone hug me right now, omg.


I actually don’t wanna start the year feeling like this.

There are things that can’t be changed but you spend all your time wishing it was different. Where am I going with this, you may ask? It’s the time to leave the bitterness behind. Typical.

"Something was and wasn’t there between us,
something went on and went away." 

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Wislawa Szymborska, from First Love (via violentwavesofemotion)

I hate being out in public… 

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School starts on Monday, I have to utilize the remaining time I have with my bed…

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I have a really bad habit of trying to find the outline of a guys penis when they wear pants

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